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Arthur Loo, NTU Singapore graduate, Veteran in the Adult Learning Industry, had also won “The Pheonix Entrepreneur Award” by the EDB Singapore. Being well known as an Edupreneur, Arthur had been traveling throughout Asia to serve the global fortune 500 and SOEs of many countries in the region. Now, he’s devoted most of his time supporting the Singaporean Government’s Lifelong Learning initiative. He strongly believes education empowers one to achieve peak performance in life and business. See more info in Linkedin.

S in ALVS is “Strategies”. All our strategies in business are related to Education and Lifelong Learning or equivalent investment. Whether one Learns a new skill for upskilling for the workplace or personal development or hope to Earns more income, we provide good solutions for it. However, if one has the big dream to Achieve more in career or business, we Partner them to provide coaching and resources in order for them to succeed. Further, into this website you are going to understand more on our L.E.A.P. program is going to connect you with the whole world of opportunities!!

Mr. Arthur Loo is among the few to be appointed as Adult Education Professional by the Institute of Adult Learning. With ACTA certification he is authorized to train WSQ training programs by WSG. ALVS is also authorized to do Skills Future certified training programs. ALVS’s Mission is to push forward the Lifelong Learning Initiative in Singapore and Asia. Also assist Global and SME companies in Training and Development, Organization Development and more.

In 2017, 500 passionate individuals will be trained in order to serve this mission.

ALVS’s corporate services business is FMCT, Facilitation, Mentoring, Coaching and Training. We are licensed to train FMCT to businesses and individuals. Mr. Arthur is also internationally certified trainer by IPMA. Endorsed by IAL with ACTA, Arthur is a certified Facilitator. Our mission is to assist global and SME companies alike in training and development, organization development and more. ALVS also train individuals as FMCT professionals for promising career in the industry.


ALVS understands the need to cultivate trainers to provide the best quality in training. Therefore our trainers are probably the highest paid in town. Find out how you can get onboard!

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